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What is Pre-admission?

We often find that patients are not sure of what they are required to do when it comes to a pre-admission, therefore, to make this process less daunting for you, we have detailed the steps as follows:

Prior to being admitted to Johannesburg Surgical Hospital for a surgical procedure, there is a process you need to follow, which is referred to as a pre-admission. In order for everything to go smoothly on the day of your procedure, it is recommended that you complete the admission process at least 48hrs before the actual day – therefore allowing more time to get you comfy in your ward and properly prepped for surgery.

As part of the process, you will need to fill out a pre-admission form for Johannesburg Surgical Hospital. You can either complete the form digitally via our mobile app or fill out the printed A4 document which you can download here.

In order to complete the pre-admission process successfully, the following information is required and can be obtained from the three sources below:


Your Doctor

When your doctor has decided to admit you to hospital for a procedure, they will provide you with the following medical-related codes:

  • The Diagnosis (ICD10)
  • The Procedure N(RPL / CPT)
  • The Practice number of your Specialist (PCN)


Your Medical Aid

For the procedure to go ahead, you will need an AUTHORISATION NUMBER from your medical aid. This can be obtained by providing them with the medical codes from your doctor (as listed above). Be sure to know exactly what your medical plan does, and does not, cover. If you are not a member of a medical aid, a pre-calculated estimate will be provided to you, for payment on, or before, admission.


The Patient

Once you have received the authorisation number from the medical aid, you can add it to the pre-admission form.

Lastly, you will need to attach copies of the patient’s:

  • ID / Passport / Birth certificate
  • Medical Aid Card