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About Us

The Forefront of

Johannesburg Surgical Hospital is dedicated to unleashing the full potential of specialized, superior, cost-effective, and excellent health services. We maintain a competitive advantage through our investment in state-of-the-art technology, unwavering passion for healthcare, and a strong focus on delivering exceptional patient experiences.

Our team of specialists possess extensive competence and knowledge in the field of medicine, further strengthening our ability to provide top-quality care.

Our organization’s core values are centered around respect for our patients, the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and the sharing of expertise, and a steadfast commitment to honesty, integrity, and compassion. These values are at the heart of our mission to deliver the highest quality of care for the best quality of life and are reflected in everything we do.

Our Vision

To be the market-leading surgical destination of choice for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Our vision roots in:

- Patient Experience
- Patient Dignity
- Superior Clinical Outcomes

Our Mission

To lead by example, to deploy technology, staff and knowledge with wisdom and empathy, to be a destination of choice, and a partner to all stakeholders. Founded on the principles of governance and ethics, embracing “Batho Pele” and respecting our patient’s need for confidentiality, dignity and honesty.

Our Objectives

• To establish a surgical centre of excellence in close cooperation with the national and provincial authorities

• Deliver a healthcare model that is at the forefront of technology

• Align our system with the medical aids and future-proof for the National Health Insurance system through the development of innovative pricing and service models