Emergency Unit Landline: 011 593 4488 or 011 593 4490

Early Detection Saves Lives

“In first-world countries the five-year survival rate for breast cancer is between 80-90%. In South Africa the three-year survival rate is as low as 59%. This is a huge disparity that is due to a lack of infrastructure; South Africa is still a third-world country.” – Dr Fatima Docrat, Breast Oncology Surgeon at JSH, and the “F: in SJF.

Looking Into the JSH Emergency Unit in Appreciation of World Trauma Day

“The vision of the new Johannesburg Surgical Hospital is something unique in the South African landscape. Our focus is certainly on trying to provide high end emergency care to patients in the best manner possible.” – Dr Peter Anderson Specialist in Emergency Medicine at JSH

A Night of Dreams and Medical Innovation

“Dream big. Aim for the stars, you may hit the clouds, but if you don’t have big goals you won’t satisfy yourself at the end of the day. We are only here for a short while.” Dr Jaco Strobos – the man behind the vision. The vision to put people first.

Celebrating Women in Medicine

The Johannesburg Surgical Hospital (JSH) stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence, poised to redefine medical standards. As its doors open this Women’s Month, JSH pays tribute to the remarkable women in medicine who spearhead innovation within its walls. With an evidence-based foundation and cutting-edge technologies like the Da Vinci robot, JSH is not just a hospital, but a testament to the limitless potential of women in shaping the future of medicine.

Dr. PJJ Strobos

Introducing Dr. PJ Strobos Dr. PJJ Strobos completed his qualification at the University of Pretoria before specializing in Orthopaedics at the University of the Free State. He established his own private practice in 1998 and transitioned to a hospital practice in 2002, where he recognised the need for cutting edge healthcare in South Africa. After […]